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Reconstructive Plastic Surgery: Reshaping the body into its physical form

Plastic Surgery is medical science’s response not only to the changes occurred by the relentless passage of time, but also to the deformations that may result from injuries, burns or oncological incidents.

For the latter, the specialty of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery has evolved, having as its main objective to restore the normal form of the human body..

In recent years, Reconstructive Plastic Surgery has made great progress with impressive results, thanks to a variety of new, invasive and non- invasive methods.

Mole excision

A large part of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery focuses on the treatment of skin lesions, such as naevi and moles. The latter are largely due to exposure to the sun and potentially can become dangerous and transform into malignant ones.

Careful and regular checking of skin damage is considered necessary for the safe diagnosis and timely treatment of the patient.

YODA Day Care Unit supports the examination of any skin damage, and if deemed necessary by the qualified Plastic Surgeon, the damage will be removed and sent for biopsy.

Scar correction

Also, at YODA Reconstructive Plastic Surgery department scars can be assessed and evaluated after operations, injuries or burns, which can be improved or eliminated by invasive or non-invasive methods.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, offers the ability to effectively tackle scars, but also to conceal them so as to be as invisible as possible.

YODA Day Care Unit has a fully organized and equipped Plastic Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery department, which is at the cutting edge of scientific developments.

YODA Plastic Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery Department is staffed by a team of pioneering plastic surgeons who apply the most modern and innovative techniques in plastic and reconstructive surgery, with the best functional and aesthetic results, as well as with the highest levels of patient satisfaction.

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