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No more suffering for diagnosing anorectal disorders

The previously uncomfortable diagnosis of anorectal and anal disorders through colonoscopy is now… a breeze, thanks to the innovative approach of proctoscopy, which is applied with impressive results at the Special Anorectal Disorders Clinic of YODA Day Care Unit.

As a result of the modern lifestyle, which is characterised by intense stress, almost permanent sedentary life and poor nutrition, conditions such as haemorrhoids, fissures, polyps, pilonidal cysts, abscesses and fistulas, trouble today at least one out of three people on the planet, significantly diminishing their quality of life.

They are one of the most common reasons for surgery. That’s why it’s very important to have them diagnosed early.

Until recently, the diagnosis of these conditions was done by gastroenterologists through colonoscopy and the use of flexible colonoscopes, a procedure quite uncomfortable and costly.

YODA Day Care Unit’s Special Anorectal Disorders Clinic is turning the tables:

Specially trained general surgeons with extensive experience and deep knowledge of the anatomy of the area, apply the innovative diagnostic method of proctoscopy with self-illuminating disposable proctoscopes at YODA Day Care Unit.

Proctoscopy by a general surgeon is superior to colonoscopy by a gastroenterologist for the following very important reasons:

  • It is a simpler procedure as there is no need for special preparation, except for a low enema 30’ before the examination.
  • It has a lower cost, since only disposable proctoscopes are required to conduct the rectal examination.
  • It provides more information, as disposable, self-illuminated rigid rectoproctoscopes offer better image and access to the area because they deal with the clamp mechanism that tends to prevent flexible endoscopes from examining diligently the area.
  • Diagnosis is done directly by the general surgeon, that is, the doctor who will treat it surgically, allowing him to form a personal view and opinion without having to rely on the information and opinions of colleagues who have only made the diagnosis.
  • It allows for an in-situ solution to the condition, from the very first examination, because through the proctoscopy the general surgeon forms a direct personal view of the problem and the ideal way to deal with it.

By introducing in Greece innovative practices and methods that have been applied abroad for over 20 years, the Special Anorectal Clinic at YODA Day Care Unit offers a diagnosis immediately and easily for any anorectal and perianal disorder, with low cost, minimal invasiveness, and therefore much less pain and discomfort for the patient.

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