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Quick and Safe Weight Loss, under medical supervision, with permanent results … “Smart Diet”!

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), obesity is a disease with significant impact on health, on the working ability, on sociability as well as on quality of life and life expectancy. It is not only due to excessive intake of food, but also to genetic, pathological, psychological, personal and social factors.

Scientific studies have shown that a loss of 20% of weight significantly improves arterial hypertension, diabetes, sleep apnoea, joint pain, and other while a moderate weight loss can significantly improve the psychology of patients who begin to fight the negative image they have created for themselves.

The Eurodiet Med medical method which we apply at YODA Day Care Weight Loss & Weight Management Clinic, is based on the latest scientific data from the literature and the recent ADA (American Diabetes Association) guidelines regarding the reduced carbohydrate diets. It has been applied already in more than 20 countries, while in Greece it is applied, with great success, exclusively by physicians in a wide range of patients with overweight, obese, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and many others associated with obesity diseases. It is recommended in University Clinics and Diabetic Centres in Public Hospitals, as it is the only nutritional approach to obesity with mandatory medical follow-up.

The advantages of the Eurodiet Med method are: are:

  • Effectiveness. Approximately 10% of the weight is lost in 40 days
  • It does not strain the body, while antioxidant and anti-aging mechanisms are activated.
  • ΤThe feeling of satiety provided by high protein, protein fiber and low glycemic index
  • Targeted fat loss
  • Muscle mass protection
  • Acceleration of metabolism
  • Maintenance of homeostasis in minerals, vitamins & trace elements
  • Increase in energy reserves and wellness
  • Health protection
  • An easy to follow diet

At YODA DCU Weight Loss & Weight Management Clinic, we try to eliminate one of the main reasons for failure of any dietary effort, the lack of nutrition education.
So, our primary concern is to provide nutrition education to our patients.
By providing nutrition education, we achieve weight loss with permanent results, because the patient chooses consciously foods that provide them with beneficial calories, while rejects foods that can make them regain weight.
In other words, we ingrain the principles of “Smart Nutrition” to the patient.