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Digital Chromoendoscopy: The … zoom in cancer that saves lives!

Most forms of cancer can now be successfully treated, especially when the disease is diagnosed in the early stages. This is not easy. However, thanks to the advanced technology equipment and the specialized endoscopes of the YODA Day Care Unit, the detection of early cancerous lesions is a routine case that saves lives.
Cancer can be developing for a long time without giving severe symptoms, resulting in being diagnosed when it has reached an advanced stage and metastases may have been developed.
Therefore, any suspicious signs such as persistent coughing and hoarseness of voice, bloody stools or unexplained weight loss in a short amount of time are important and they should mobilize us to look for appropriate medical advice.
The sooner the patient goes to a doctor, the higher the chances for early diagnosis of the disease and thus its effective treatment.
The diagnostic arsenal in the fight against cancer is wide. Laboratory, cytological, imaging and histological examinations are carried out to detect the disease. An ally of medical science in the fight against cancer is technology, the progress of which provides physicians with increasingly accurate diagnostic tools.

In YODA Day Care Unit one of the most advanced and up to date technologies for early cancer detection, the Full High Definition digital chromoendoscopy is being applied.



Digital Chromoendoscopy Imaging

Stomach cancer at an early stage

It is a modern endoscopic technique that takes full advantage of digital technology to detect precancerous lesions in the body.
In Yoda we use the latest technology Fujifilm EPX-3500HD, digital imaging system, which delivers high-resolution and high-definition images, increasing the possibilities for detecting cancer lesions and for distinguishing between benign and potentially malignant polyps.

In particular the Fujifilm EPX-3500HD Digital Chromoendoscopy System allows in-depth observation of microvascular structures without the use of pigments, but by altering the light spectrum. As a result, details that would not be visible otherwise are highlighted, allowing doctors to detect any cancer lesions at an early stage.

Digital chromoendoscopy is a dynamic examination, which depends to a large extent on the capacity and specialization of the endoscopist, as well as on the available technological equipment. YODA Day Care Unit Endoscopists are specially trained on the use of the most advanced digital chromoendoscopy systems and have extensive experience in applying them, with great success in detecting early-stage cancer.