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Smile with no fear: Tooth whitening with a visit to YODA

If you want to get a dazzling white smile, like that of Hollywood stars, YODA’s experienced and specialised dentists can meet all your aesthetic needs with the most up-to-date, fast and painless methods.
A bright smile can be achieved with a combination of aesthetic dentistry treatments, most notably with tooth whitening.
When it is performed properly, as YODAexperts can guarantee, whitening is a safe andpainless, procedure that offers an impressive and lasting aesthetic result, interfering with both colour and brightness of the teeth.
Discoloration or stains can be caused on your teeth as a consequence of the natural process of aging, smoking or the use of tobacco products, eating habits, such as frequent consumption of coffee, tea, red wine or carbonated soft drinks, or teeth injuries.
Stains make teeth look prematurely aged and damaged, with a particularly negative impact on the appearance and attractiveness of the smile.
Tooth whitening is done either in the dental clinic or at home, or in combining both for the best aesthetic result.

In the dental clinic
Whitening is performed with the help of a LED lamp or a special Laser. First, gums are isolated with a special protective film and then specially designed bleaching agents (gel) are applied to the teeth, for about 15 to 30 minutes in each jaw. The session in the dentist lasts from 40 minutes to one hour and can be repeated depending on the case.


At home
Whitening is done with special splints, which are made by a dental technician to match your teeth exactly. Special bleaching agents are placed in these splints. It is required to wear these splints for a certain period of time, determined by a combination of factors such as the type and concentration of the bleaching material, the initial teeth colour, and the desired end result. Typically, splints are worn during the night.

The effects of teeth Whitening can last for several years. However, we should note that it can be influenced, over time, by smoking and excessive consumption of food with colour substances.
Almost everyone with healthy teeth and gums is suitable for Tooth Whitening. It should be noted, however that Whitening has an impact only on the colour of the natural teeth.
That is why those who have prosthetic dental restorations need to discuss thoroughly with their dentist.
YODA specialists have great experience and expertise in Cosmetic Dentistry and will suggest a Whitening Plan specifically designed for your teeth with the most guaranteed result!