εξέταση γιατρός Πειραιάς YODA νοσηλία χειρουργείο

Inguinal hernia with local anaesthesia


Inguinal hernia is the most common hernia of the abdominal wall and it can be diagnosed with a simple examination by a specialized surgeon at Yoda One Day Care.

Nowadays, with a completely innovative and specialized method, the repair of the inguinal hernia with mesh is absolutely feasible, with local anaesthesia. Specialized surgical team applies local anaesthesia at specific spots (picture), the procedure lasts approximately 30 minutes, mild neuroleptanalgesia is applied while the patient is conscious during surgery. Immediately after surgery, the patient is able to walk and they can be discharged after a few hours. The benefits, mostly for vulnerable population groups are obvious, while the low cost of this method compared to others must be underlined.

Ioannis P. Kalaitzis  MD, PhD

General surgeon

Doctor of Athens Medical School

General Surgeon YODA One Day Care


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