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Dental implants are the most predictable, reliable and effective way of replacing the natural teeth we have lost. They are the most conservative solution in the case of partial or total edentulousness compared to classical methods of prosthetic restoration with bridges or dentures.

The choice of dental implants has the advantage of avoiding the grinding of the adjacent healthy teeth, which is necessary for the construction of a bridge when few teeth are missing. However, also in the case of losing more teeth, dental implants are superior compared to mobile prosthesis (partial or total dentures placed or removed from the mouth by the patient). The latter (though they are a more affordable solution) often presents reduced restraint and stability, as well as problems in chewing, aesthetics and patient’s speech.

On the contrary, restoration with dental implants results in:

  • Keeping the healthy teeth around the edentulous area
  • Excellent chewing capacity as the instability of mobile prosthetics is avoided
  • Aesthetic result similar to that of natural teeth as the implants insertion results in maintaining the volume of the alveolar bone and the gingival contour around the implant
  • Comfortable speech and natural restoration of the facial appearance around the mouth.

In YODA Day Care Unit, we exclusively use Straumann Dental Implants, with guaranteed Swiss quality, one of the largest dental implant manufacturers in the world. Straumann dental implants stand out because:

  • They have been used in over 4 million worldwide cases
  • They are the result of 35 years of scientific experience and clinical study
  • They are proven to offer the fastest process of osseointegration compared to any other implant in the market
  • They have a 10-year warranty
  • They meet all the required safety and quality standards
  • They have certificates of authenticity

Dental implants are therefore a long-term and completely predictable solution with over 95% success rates if we take into account the dentist’s clinical capacity and the proper implant choice. So a patient can enjoy their benefits for many years saving the maintenance or replacement costs that classical prosthetics require in the long term.

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