εξέταση γιατρός Πειραιάς YODA νοσηλία χειρουργείο


YODA is a state-of-the-art medical day care unit, housed in a well-equipped, pleasant place in the centre of Piraeus. It combines knowledge and confidentiality with vision for the future and it has been created to provide modern medical services in therapeutic categories such as General and Dental Surgery, Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery etc.


The idea of YODA was born and implemented to serve people through the private health sector.

My vision was to create an exemplary day care unit with anthropocentric character, state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technological equipment and excellent medical and nursing staff.

The mission of D.C.U. is to provide, with ethos and consistency, innovating, high-quality health services, which are an essential need and a fundamental, inalienable right to better health and life for every human being.

εξέταση γιατρός Πειραιάς YODA νοσηλία χειρουργείο δόντια


At YODA we provide modern medical diagnostic and therapeutic services to the following medical specialties: dentistry, general surgery, plastic, reconstructive & aesthetic surgery, gastroenterology, gynaecology, etc.

We are committed to setting and achieving quality levels which can meet, in all respects, the defined requirements and the reasonable expectations of our patients.

Quality Consciousness means for us to deal with patients’ problems with the efficient use of valuable resources.

The harmonization and compliance of our activities with the current national and Community legislation is a conscious choice for us.

The continuous improvement of the quality of our services aims at introducing and implementing modern international scientific developments and practices in our action areas, the use of state-of-the-art technology as well as the medium and long-term requirement for effective cost reduction and significant contribution to the protection of the environment. Quality assurance and improvement is a priority for all YODA employees. It requires the conscious commitment and active cooperation of all employees.

In order to offer quality services, it is vital to avoid mistakes at all stages of the medical services provided and to consistently eradicate the sources of errors. Our goal is to build a safe environment for patients by investigating and minimizing all potential risks.

Patients are our equal partners. Our basic principle is the humane treatment of those seeking help and we ought to stand by our patients willingly, with commitment and friendliness, without any social, religious, ethnic or racial discrimination. We respect and protect our patients’ sensitive personal data, maintaining medical confidentiality.

All YODA medical staff at are committed to comply with the codes of ethics formulated by the Pan-Hellenic Medical Association and the Ministry of Health (N 3418/2005).


In order to achieve its objectives, YODA is based on:

  • scientific staff of high-level
  • perfect logistics infrastructure of DCU
  • continuing education programs for its staff
  • computerized functions
  • personalized care for each patient
  • strict selection and evaluation of the Scientific Partners
  • strict adherence to health and safety conditions
  • implementation of Quality Management Systems


We ensure that the medical care we provide to our patients has the following qualities:

  • is appropriate and correct
  • is available to all patients
  • is followed up
  • is effective
  • is efficient
  • is based on and documented by evidence and best practices
  • is customised for each patient, according to their needs and with the patient’s own consent to the treatment plan
  • is provided safely
  • is provided timely, scheduled or in an emergency
  • is accessible to everyone
  • is scientifically acceptable on the basis of medical literature and guidelines, both Greek and international
  • is not part of experimental protocols

The Chairman of the Company’s Shareholder


Promptness to appointment

Every appointment with our doctors is scheduled without patients waiting.

Priority in the Human Factor

In a hospital environment modelled on Swiss standards, apart from the state-of-the-art equipment, the furnishings and colours of the unit provide a completely pleasant hospital experience.

High quality of service

We fully understand and satisfy the needs of every parient who seeks medical solutions in our centre, as well as the needs of the doctors and all our associates.

Integrity and transparency

Adherence to medical ethics, honesty and confidentiality are non-negotiable values for us


We seek and encourage the adoption of new technologies and medical practices in all our activities.

Social and environmental responsibility

With a sense of responsibility towards all our fellow citizens and especially socially sensitive groups, we guarantee the continuous improvement of the health services provided. We also operate with sensitivity and respect for the public and the environment, incorporating in our operations appropriate social and environmental actions.


YODA DCU is housed in a seven-storey, modern building in the heart of Piraeus (25, Iroon Polytechniou) where, in an exceptionally beautiful space, built according to the Swiss standards, a visitor-patient is offered high level medical services. In doctors and dentists offices and in operating rooms of partial or absolute sterility, with state-of-the-art equipment, invasive and non-invasive medical procedures are carried out, always with the best result for the patient in mind.


Humans and their Health are a priority for the founder of the YODA Day Care Unit, as well as its medical, nursing and management staff. Therefore, the pricing policy applied ensures the best possible medical services at affordable prices.