Dental Department

General & Specialized Dental Care

Nowadays, more and more people realize they need a bright, healthy smile, for which good oral health care is a prerequisite.

YODA One Day Care features a fully organized and equipped dentistry department, staffed by top dentists, each one an expert in their own specialty, who provide the entire spectrum of dental procedures. At the same time, the department specializes and provides all the invasive dental procedures and services for which sedation is required, in a state-of-the-art environment with cutting-edge technological equipment and surgical-grade sterilization.

Our services:

  • General Dentistry
  • Paediatric Dentistry
  • Periodontology – Implant Dentistry
  • Aesthetic Dentistry

Our dentistry department offers its services to every person that needs them. At the same time, however, it has extensive experience and expertise in providing dental procedures to special patient populations:

Phobic patients

Phobic patients are defined as people who, while having and exuding an overall quality, they do not visit the dentist – not even for a simple dental check – due to their phobia of dental procedures and services, and thus neglecting their oral hygiene. Sedation provides a solution and an incentive for visiting.

People with special needs

They require special care for a proper and enjoyable dental visit, for prevention, diagnosis and treatment alike, which is provided with light or conscious sedation, depending on the needs and dental procedure, by a fully staffed and specialized team of dentists.

Chronic patients – Immunosuppressed patients

For oncology patients, diabetics etc., the experience and expertise of dentists is also necessary so that the dental visit is carried out properly and in a pleasant manner, depending on the needs and dental procedure, and following specific protocols including light or conscious sedation.

Team of the Dental Department

Φιράς Χαμντέ

Χειρουργός Οδοντίατρος DDS


Πόπη Πρωτόπαπα

Χειρουργός Οδοντίατρος

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