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Why is preventive cardiovascular check-up important?

Preventive cardiac screening is an easy and reliable way to detect a heart attack early on. The advantages of having regular check-ups are many:

• We monitor our health condition.
• We detect harmful behaviours in our lifestyle and we get advice on how to change them.
• We get an assessment of the possible risk of developing cardiovascular disease.
• We can detect early the possibility for a disease, which leads to timely intervention.

Are there criteria for those who need a check-up?

Check-ups are appropriate for everyone, although some groups are more likely to develop specific diseases. These are the key factors:
• Gender. Men and women are sensitive to developing different types of diseases and to face cardiovascular problems at different times.
• Age. As we grow older, there is a greater risk of developing a range of health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and coronary artery disease.
• Family history. Genes play a key role in the possibility of developing a number of diseases, such as high blood pressure and heart disease
• Medical history. The current medical condition, or health condition in the past, may result in other diseases.
• Lifestyle. Lifestyle choices are important for maintaining good health. Smoking, obesity and chronic stress increase the chances of developing a range of problems in the cardiovascular system.


Before our first visit

In order to make the best possible use of the process, our participation is valuable. It is recommended that:

• We gather as many details as possible about our family history.
• We bring with us or write on a paper all the medicines we are currently taking.
• We observe any changes in our bodies or our habits and we inform on them.
• We write down any questions we may have about our health.

What does a cardiovascular screening test include?:

• Electrocardiogram
• Clinical cardiac examination
• Cardiac and aortic ultrasound, if the cardiologist considers it necessary
• Further investigation with stress test and specialized diagnostic methods, if the cardiologist considers it necessary

Once cardiac check-up is completed, regular cardiac screening is recommended to patients to further evaluate the outcome of therapeutic interventions.

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εξέταση γιατρός Πειραιάς YODA νοσηλία χειρουργείο

Dimitra Kovaiou


A private physician with rich teaching experience and permanent associate of Athens Medical Center – Palaio Faliro Clinic.