Lemonia Papadaki

εξέταση γιατρός Πειραιάς YODA νοσηλία χειρουργείο

Lemonia Papadaki MD, MSc


Having received the Medical and Surgical Degree with honours from the University of Padua (Italy), Lemonia Papadaki obtained her specialty in Internal Medicine in February 2012.

During the same year, she completed her Master’s degree at the Medical School of Athens, entitled “Stress and Health Promotion”. In the period 2012-2013, as a researcher at the Medical and Biological Research Foundation of Athens Academy, she presented an extensive research on “Non-Pharmaceutical Treatment of Idiopathic Arterial Hypertension with Stress Management Methods” to the Medical School of Athens.
Her first thesis titled “Linfoproliferative disorders in patients with primary Sjögren’s syndrome and ten years follow-up study” was marked with Distinction and has been published in the scientific journal Acta Otorhinol, while her second one, titled “Randomized Study on Stress Management in Hypertensive Patients”, was also marked with Distinction and is under publication.

Having already many years of experience in the private sector, in 2014 she became the Director of a Private Hospital’s Internal Medicine Department (Piraiko Therapeftirio), while at the same time she has been working as a researcher and scientific member in scientific programmes.
Since 2014, she has been a partner of Mediterraneo Hospital (Accident & Emergency Department – On Call Duty). Her scientific articles are published in the Medi-Syn journal, and in 2016 she was awarded the Best Poster award at the ESC Congress in Rome for her work on the subject of essential hypertension.